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The Robert Koch Institute has issued to a vaccination against swine flu. In this vaccination should be vaccinated is the order in which the various population groups. The vaccination schedule was prepared on the basis of general knowledge about influenza disease. In addition, important insights about the current course with the swine flu have been incorporated into the vaccination schedule. So younger people are used to recommend vaccination than older people. This is unusual for an influenza pandemic. The previous experience of the swine flu, however, shows that younger people are currently infected much more often than older people.

The swine flu vaccination - The following sequence should be vaccinated:

1. Workers in health services. So as doctors, nurses and caregivers. Weighing around for this is evident. People who often have contact with patients, can infect more quickly. In addition, they can spread the disease further. This is especially dangerous because the patients often have pre-existing conditions or are weakened.

2. Persons over the age of 6 months with increased health risks. Especially for those with chronic diseases of the respiratory organs, chronic cardiovascular, liver and kidney diseases, cancers, diabetes and other metabolic diseases, neurological and neuromuscular diseases, basic, innate or acquired immune deficiency with T-or B-cellular residual function, HIV-infection.

3. Pregnant

4. Contact persons in a household with the groups that include point to point 2, and 3rd

5. All persons over the age of 6 months to 24 years

6. All persons aged 25 to 59 years

7. All persons aged 60 years

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