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Swine flu vaccination

Meanwhile, the vaccination against swine flu and was released flu Mexico. First, only individuals could be immunized from the risk groups. Now everyone can be vaccinated, who gets an appointment with their GP.
The vaccine has been developed very quickly, and the test phase was significantly shorter than usual. This has led to much criticism, since many experts think that the vaccination has not been tested well enough.
The vaccine against influenza is renewed each year because flu viruses change quickly. It is assumed that the swine flu virus is changing, as well.

It is generally not a big problem to develop a new vaccine. However, it takes a long time to produce a vaccine in large quantities, that this is sufficient for the majority, or even the entire population.


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porcine influenza vaccination To the vaccination as soon as possible for the entire population to make available to so-called amplifiers were used in the vaccine. This effect amplifiers, that the immune system shows a stronger reaction to the vaccine. The advantage is that less vaccine is needed for a sufficient effect, and that the vaccine is probably even more effective if they are virus changes slightly. Since Impfverstärker few have been tested, there are heated discussions about the current vaccine. In addition, the vaccine has a preservative containing mercury was buried. This is according to a directive by the WHO to avoid.

A real scandal was that used for the armed forces and for politicians, another vaccine, as for the population. Why this is the case, no one can explain so well. But it is a fact that this vaccine does not contain any amplifier and not the mercury-containing agents.

Depending on the severity of the epidemic or Pandemic then, it will also happen that there will be a mandatory vaccination against swine flu.

There is a vaccination plan is described in who should be vaccinated and when. This vaccination can be viewed here.

Thus, the flu vaccine is produced:
The procedure for a flu vaccine is always the same and actually quite simple.
It is injected into an existing pathogen in chicken eggs. These are then incubated for several days.
Then multiply the pathogens in the eggs. From each egg will be removed approximately 5-7ml virus-containing fluid.
After the "harvest" of the agent is a vaccine produced from this liquid. The biggest problem with the production is the large number of units required to chicken eggs.
Since the swine flu vaccine will be produced in large quantities, one needs several million eggs.

Effects of vaccination:
For the vaccination of Impfperson a very low dose is injected to pathogens. These viruses remain local at the point to which they were injected. The body then produces antibodies against the virus and can then fight future infections. (jumi [* 6] [vaccine] [10] [swine flu vaccination])

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