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Swine flu suspected

Swine flu suspected Currently, daily reported cases in which a swine flu suspicion.
A swine flu is suspected if symptoms of influenza in a patient are available.
Especially when a patient from Mexico was in the swine flu suspected obvious.

The symptoms of swine flu is like a normal flu. A flu is a much more severe illness than a cold.
This is often confused. The symptoms are similar although a cold but not nearly as strong.

If you suspect that you have influenza are ill then contact you in any case a doctor.
There is rapid within 15 minutes of the influenza proof. Whether the agent then the swine flu pathogen is only a laboratory clarified.
For the treatment of flu, this is not important. The treatment of swine flu, the same treatment as in a normal flu. (jumi [* 5] [suspect])
- Currently daily worldwide suspected cases of swine flu reported.

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