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Swine flu prevention
swine flu protection Prevention of swine influenza / influenza

Currently there are vaccines against influenza, although there are against the new type of swine flu still no effective vaccine.
There are drugs the infection risk for a decrease influenza. At the places where the swine flu outbreak is one can observe that many people mouthguard wear.
If an epidemic broke out, then it is certainly useful in preventing a mouth shield. It is of course not useful if no current danger of infection.
Of course, a healthy immune system and also important to reduce risk of infection, or a harmless course of the disease possible.
If a person from the environment to nurture ill, then you should pay particular attention to hygiene and a mouthguard wear.

Swine flu prevention:

A drug to prevent what can be taken is the means Tamiflu. It prevents the spread of swine influenza virus in the body. Tamiflu will be people from the risk groups for prevention prescribed. It is prescription only and should bow to take if the patient risk group. (jumi [* 5] [Prevention])

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