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Swine flu mutation
Viruses mutate constantly, this is nothing unusual. Daily mutations take place.
The normal flu virus continues to mutate and develop into different types of the virus.
For this reason, every year a new flu vaccine is developed, the maximum number of actual combat flu variants.
The swine flu virus has a high mutation capability. So there is definitely a danger that the virus mutates.
If you are simultaneously in the body of a host, two similar viruses, then this mix and create a new mutated virus.
Currently, this could happen to the swine flu and avian flu. If a bird has become infected with the swine flu is simultaneously infected with the bird flu pathogen, it can be a mutation.
When inheriting a mutation of two viruses, at worst, the new agents of the dangerous properties of the starting virus A and B. The initial virus
In the current case would be: highly contagious (swine flu) +) Very aggressive / high death rates (avian flu.
It is hoped that this case will not occur.

For the mutation of viruses can also speak of an evolution of viruses. Most of the new type of virus is the result not survive and disappears quickly.
As usual, remain in evolution, but left a few successful species.
(jumi [* 6] [mutates, mutation; Modify] [10] [mutation of the swine flu virus])
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