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Swine flu Mexico

swine flu-sick In mid-April were the first cases of swine flu in humans in Mexico City known.
Am 23.04. The media reported that already 60 people in the swine flu in Mexico and died about 1000 people are infected.
It is almost certain that the pigs in Mexico flu from human to human, because many patients have no contact with pigs were.
At 27.04 was reported that over 100 people at the swine flu in Mexico and died about 1500 people are infected.
In 20 of the over 100 victims, the causative agent of swine influenza in the laboratory. The other deaths are suspected cases.
Am 28.04. was reported that the number of victims in Mexico probably is already over 140.
Am 01.05. it was announced that the number of victims by the swine flu in Mexico is lower than expected. There are 20 people at the swine flu died, the remaining dead are dead in the "normal" flu have died and not the flu Mexico.

In Mexico City, many residents a mouth protection. Similar to the SARS epidemic in Asia.

The latest information on swine influenza in Mexico, please visit this page. (jumi [* 5] [Mexico]) In mid-April - it will be the first cases of swine flu in humans.
27.04.2009 - Number of victims in Mexico rises to over 100 deaths.
28.04.2009 - probably already more than 140 deaths in Mexico.
01.05.2009 - 20 killed by the flu Mexico confirmed. The remaining deaths are the "normal" flu assigned.
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