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Swine flu mask

pig-human flu In Mexico, the residents already have a mouthguard because of the swine flu.
It is useful in any case because of the swine flu mouth shield.
At least if, at the place where you are a swine flu epidemic has broken out.

Since the swine flu over the droplet infection spread helps a mouth protection.
The mouth protection but must be developed. You should protect against the mouth of the swine flu in a pharmacy care.

In Germany, of course, nothing brings it a mouth protection because of the flu to pigs, because in Germany no increased risk of infection exists.
If in Germany, should an epidemic break out, or even to a global pandemic, then it makes sense a mouth shield.

A mouth protection against influenza viruses, you can buy in the pharmacy, or on the internet at a reputable online pharmacy to order.
If you have a mouth protection in the internet, then check in advance is essential if the seller is reputable. There should be a reputable online pharmacy to.
Currently there are certainly many rogue sellers, what a swine flu mouth guards offer. This is then in the worst case is not effective against the flu pig pathogen. (jumi [* 5] [mask])

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