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Swine flu journey Cancel
Swine flu travel Cancel Is it a journey because of the swine flu free to cancel?

Yes, this possibility exists. If you have booked a trip, then you can use this for reasons of "force majeure" cancel free of charge.
Force majeure is the case when an epidemic occurs in the region. However, it must also be clear that in this region, an epidemic has broken out.

The most recent example of Mexico, now advises the federal government "does not necessarily need to" travel, because of the swine flu, starting to Mexico. If you have a holiday booked to Mexico, then this is not a "necessary journey".
For this reason, you can travel almost certainly be free to cancel. Ask the tour operator as the first. If the tour you do not want to come, then assign him to this fact.
Important: If the tour operator agrees to a cancellation free of charge, you can give the writing.

Swine flu - Travel rebook

Many tour operators offer a journey into endangered areas free transfer, or time to move.
If you have a trip booked to Mexico, then ask your tour according to the possibilities.
You can use it on all the cases to the scheme "Force Majeure" indicates. Important: Leave the arrangement in writing.

If you have questions about travel, or do not know whether your destination is currently at risk, then you can free hotline of the Federal Government calling. (jumi [* 5] [travel])

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