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Swine flu influenza
Swine flu influenza The influenza is an infectious disease. The flu can be humans, mammals and even in birds erupt.
Also known as "flu" influenza is known to the serious illness that in weak people can be dangerous.
A cold is in contrast to the influenza clearly harmless. The symptoms are high fever, chills, body aches, strong feeling of illness, headache.

The disease course in influenza is as follows: Sudden onset of the disease, the symptoms can take up to 14 days.

Possible treatments for influenza, various anti-viral drugs. Moreover, the different symptoms with medication fought.
The treatment of symptoms to the course of influenza and reduce trivialize.

As a preventive, you can vaccinate against the flu can. A vaccination against influenza is a very effective way of prevention.
However, changing the influenza viruses quickly, so even vaccinated people can become ill.

Influenza epidemics are relatively frequent. Pandemics are rare. A pandemic is a global cross-epidemic.
The worst pandemic, there was the 1918th Known under the name "Spanish flu". Worldwide had died over 25 million people.
Such terrible pandemics are today little more to be expected. As the people of that time by the first World War were very weak, there was this high number of victims.
In addition, the options for treatment today, much better than before. In addition, there is the possibility of vaccination against influenza Flächendeckend use.

The current flu swine influenza is confirmed by a new influenza virus.
It is not unusual that an influenza virus is changing. Each year, the vaccine against influenza virus adapted to the changed.
It is assumed that the vaccine next year, before the slips also protects influenza.

The pig shows the same flu symptoms as a normal flu.
The incubation period of swine influenza is the same (1-4 days). (jumi [* 5] [Influenza])

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