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Swine flu Germany
swine influenza virus

Since mid-April you can hear in the media again and again, the word swine flu.
Following the outbreak in Mexico and the rapid reporting of the first cases in the U.S. in Germany is also concern about a swine flu pandemic around.
Meanwhile, 8 swine flu cases reported in Germany. There have been 2 people in Germany with the swine flu infected, thus proved that the disease from person to person via droplet infection more common.

This is no reason to panic, the drugs against flu symptoms are much better than before. Usually, the course of a normal swine flu are similar to flu.
There are also medications to bow. These medications are not vaccines against swine flu, but can the risk of infection reduced.

Am 28.04. were 3 suspected cases of swine flu in Germany reported. They are suspected cases. Am 01.05. the first 6 cases of swine flu confirmed in Germany. Am 02.05. was known that 2 patients even in Germany with the pigs infected have flu. Altogether there are now 8 confirmed cases of swine flu in Germany.

In Germany, there are contingency plans in case of an outbreak of a pandemic or epidemic. Once a pandemic emerges, these contingency plans, and will quickly show their effects.
If more swine flu disease in Germany, then it could be that soon the mouthguard in the German cities to the city will belong.
Just as it was in Asia during the first SARS cases.

On these pages you will find the latest information about the swine flu in Germany. Jumi ([* 5] [Germany] [10]) 27.04.2009 - Until now no cases of swine flu in Germany.
28.04.2009 - 3 suspected cases in Germany.
01.05.2009 - 6 Confirmed Cases of swine influenza in Germany.
02.05.2009 - 2 patients have been directly infected in Germany.
02.05.2009 - Total 8 confirmed cases of swine flu in Germany

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