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Swine flu fever

pig-human flu Fever is a symptom of swine flu. Who fever and other flu symptoms, the doctor should be the contact.
When a severe flu and flu in pigs can be high fever up to 42 degrees occur.
Fever over 41 degrees is very rare.

So fever belongs to the clinical picture of the swine flu.

If a patient has high fever, he should always contact the doctor.
Other symptoms of the flu pigs are strong malaise, cough, colds, body aches, loss of appetite and general malaise.

A flu with high fever should not be underestimated. Fever means the body fights the infection.
At very high fever can be dangerous and lead to death. There is fever you get from your doctor can get.

Starting with a body temperature from 37.9 degrees, one speaks of fever. (jumi [* 5] [fever])

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