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Swine flu

swine flu laboratory Here you will find current information about the origins, impact and prevention of swine flu.

Swine flu is influenza virus (strain H1N1 or H3N2 mostly) caused the domestic pig. The virus was first isolated around 1930.
The pigs can be quite simple flu from pigs to humans. Until now, the swine flu but from human to human spread.
When the pig is the incubation period of approximately 1-4 days. The disease is the pig about 7 days, acute, after which the symptoms less quickly.

If a pig at the swine flu sick, it is often the entire herd within a few days with the flu in pigs.

The flu is also pig pig influenza or influenza Porzine called.

In April 2009 appeared in Mexico first cases of swine flu in humans. It is now assumed that the pigs in Mexico flu from human to human will.
The reason for this assumption is that many patients do not have contact with pigs. A few days later in the U.S. were the first cases of swine flu reported. On 27.04.2009, the first case in Spain and thus Europe reported.
These cases are not yet confirmed. They are suspected cases of swine flu. The spread could therefore already covered two continents.
In Germany were still no cases reported.
In Mexico, security measures were already taken. In the city, many people wear mouth protection.

Panic in front of the swine flu is not recommended. Even if the risk exists that a worldwide pandemic of swine flu in humans could be made.
The difference between epidemic and pandemic is that the pandemic affects the whole world. With the global air traffic can be a wave of flu to spread quickly.

Nowadays, there are good medicines against the flu symptoms. For this reason, even if a pandemic with far fewer deaths than expected in the Spanish flu in 1918.

Latest news about the swine flu:

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