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Risk groups

It is often reported in the media about the so ganannten risk groups in the swine flu.
There are various definitions of risk groups. Here is a brief summary.

The following persons belonging to risk group:

People with chronic medical history
Especially people with respiratory diseases (eg asthma), diabetes, cardiovascular disease and people with weakened immune systems.

In addition, the following persons are among the risk group:
Obese individuals
Persons in contact with patients (doctors, nurses, etc.)

If a flu almost always be counted even old people to risk group. This is also in the case of swine flu. Positive is that it is up to now been relatively little disease in the elderly. Until now, the virus is spreading especially among young people. Nevertheless, older people are among the risk group, since it is expected but with a frequent number of severe disease gradients.

The Robert Koch Institute has issued a vaccination plan to combat the flu.
Find the vaccination schedule.

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