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Protection and Treatment
Swine flu vaccine

thumb_schweinegrippe-vaccine The popular support for the swine flu vaccine dwindling by the day, as the rationale for the vaccine for each of the eyes always opens is ridiculous. The swine flu vaccine has arrived and no one goes ... So it looks right now.


The Robert Koch Institute has issued to a vaccination against swine flu. In this vaccination should be vaccinated is the order in which the various population groups. The vaccination schedule was prepared on the basis of general knowledge about influenza disease. In addition, important insights about the current course with the swine flu have been incorporated into the vaccination schedule. So younger people are used to recommend vaccination than older people. This is unusual for an influenza pandemic. The previous experience of the swine flu, however, shows that younger people are currently infected much more often than older people.

Pig flu parties

Recently, there are even pig flu parties. The idea of these parties is intentionally with the pig flu anzustecken then immunized against the flu to be.
The participants in the party hope it against any kind of mutated worse pigs immune to influenza. This is an incredible idea. No one should be intentionally infected with a disease. Moreover, it does not.

Swine flu prevention

swine-flu-protection-klein Prevention of swine influenza / influenza

Currently there are vaccines against influenza, although there are against the new type of swine flu still no effective vaccine.
There are drugs the infection risk for a decrease influenza. At the places where the swine flu outbreak is one can observe that many people mouthguard wear.

Swine flu vaccination

porcine influenza vaccination Meanwhile, the vaccination against swine flu and was released flu Mexico. First, only individuals could be immunized from the risk groups. Now everyone can be vaccinated, who gets an appointment with their GP.

Swine flu mask
pig-human flu-klein In Mexico, the residents already have a mouthguard because of the swine flu.
It is useful in any case because of the swine flu mouth shield.
At least if, at the place where you are a swine flu epidemic has broken out.

Swine flu Tamiflu
pig-human flu-klein The funds can be used as drug Tamiflu against the swine flu should be prescribed by the physician.
Tamiflu is a flu drug, the every type of influenza successfully combated.

If a patient with the diagnosis of swine flu, Tamiflu, Tamiflu will prevent any further spread of swine influenza virus in the body.


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