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Swine flu Tamiflu
pig-human flu-klein The funds can be used as drug Tamiflu against the swine flu should be prescribed by the physician.
Tamiflu is a flu drug, the every type of influenza successfully combated.

If a patient with the diagnosis of swine flu, Tamiflu, Tamiflu will prevent any further spread of swine influenza virus in the body.

Swine flu rapid test
pig-human flu-klein A real swine flu rapid test is not currently on the market.
A laboratory swine flu can be quite quickly demonstrate, however, can range from a swine flu rapid nor untrue.

Pig flu treatment
pig-human flu-klein The treatment of pigs carried out with the flu drug oseltamivir.
The active ingredient, oseltamivir is the neuraminidase inhibitors, which means that the virus does not continue to proliferate in the body.
As the drug Tamiflu is especially to be mentioned. This is the brand name of the drug. Oseltamivir is the active ingredient of Tamiflu.
Tamiflu causes the virus not from cell to cell spreading. The viruses are not killed but locally isolated.


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