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Pig flu treatment

pig-human flu The treatment of pigs carried out with the flu drug oseltamivir.
The active ingredient, oseltamivir is the neuraminidase inhibitors, which means that the virus does not continue to proliferate in the body.
As the drug Tamiflu is especially to be mentioned. This is the brand name of the drug. Oseltamivir is the active ingredient of Tamiflu.
Tamiflu causes the virus not from cell to cell spreading. The viruses are not killed but locally isolated.
Thus, one's own immune system is easily done with the virus, since the spread has been stopped.
The earlier treatment starts, the more harmless, the disease course.

If you come by pigs suspected of a normal flu or flu to a doctor, then it will be your first, a rapid influenza make.
This takes about 15 minutes. After that you can immediately begin treatment. (jumi [* 5] [treatment])

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