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Pig Flu Children

swine flu-child Parents do, of course, because of the swine flu worried about your children.
Recently, 3 kindergartens in Germany because of the swine flu closed.
This was a precautionary measure, as a child with the swine flu had infected.
If the virus of swine influenza infects children, then this is in any case more dangerous than if an adult is dealing with the swine flu contagious.
Children are not yet a functioning immune system as well as adults.
The normal flu and swine flu are for children, elderly and debilitated people at the most dangerous.
When children show flu symptoms, you should always immediately with the child see a doctor.
The earlier the flu when the child is treated, the more harmless, the flu or the flu in pigs lost the child.

Despite the current situation should not be too many worries about the children because of the flu make pigs.
Currently, the situation and the spread of swine flu in Germany is absolutely under control.
Thus there is no great danger that children with the flu in pigs in the nursery or school infect.
Moreover, the authorities respond very quickly if a case of swine flu at a child or several children occur.
The concerned schools or kindergartens where the swine flu case or suspected case has occurred will be immediately closed.

If you have questions about swine flu have children, then you can contact the free hotline of the Federal Government on the issue of pig influenza apply.

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