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Swine flu
swine flu laboratory Here you will find current information about the origins, impact and prevention of swine flu.

Swine flu is influenza virus (strain H1N1 or H3N2 mostly) caused the domestic pig. The virus was first isolated around 1930.
The pigs can be quite simple flu from pigs to humans. Until now, the swine flu but from human to human spread.
When the pig is the incubation period of approximately 1-4 days. The disease is the pig about 7 days, acute, after which the symptoms less quickly.

Swine flu symptoms

swine flu symptoms-klein The symptoms of flu are high fever, body aches, chills, headache, sore throat, cough, and a strong feeling of illness.
It is absolutely necessary for a suspected case of the doctor. In the swine flu symptoms should be the same.

Swine flu incubation
Swine flu incubation Incubation swine flu

The incubation period in the pig influenza is 1-4 days in humans.
Contagious disease may have on the first day. So at the beginning of the incubation period.
When you slip, the incubation period of swine flu also 1-4 days.
Swine flu forum
schweinegrippe-forum-klein Here you will access to the swine flu forum is

Here to help you FREE OF CHARGE
Doctors, specialists and other users in your swine flu issues.
Swine flu vaccine

thumb_schweinegrippe-vaccine The popular support for the swine flu vaccine dwindling by the day, as the rationale for the vaccine for each of the eyes always opens is ridiculous. The swine flu vaccine has arrived and no one goes ... So it looks right now.

Swine flu news
swine flu-Australia

On this page you will find the latest news swine flu. The current swine flu news is updated daily.
Sometimes the swine flu news updated hourly. So if you are going to want to stay, look now and then on the side swine flu passing messages.

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Swine flu prevention

swine-flu-protection-klein Prevention of swine influenza / influenza

Currently there are vaccines against influenza, although there are against the new type of swine flu still no effective vaccine.
There are drugs the infection risk for a decrease influenza. At the places where the swine flu outbreak is one can observe that many people mouthguard wear.

Swine flu suspected
Swine flu suspected Currently, daily reported cases in which a swine flu suspicion.
A swine flu is suspected if symptoms of influenza in a patient are available.
Especially when a patient from Mexico was in the swine flu suspected obvious.

Private Health Insurance

Many questions exist on the subject was when I paid my health insurance company in the swine flu vaccination, or becomes ill as I leave? Is there a difference between a private health insurance and the law? In this paper some of these issues should be clarified.

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